Diver communication system

The Imenco Nautronix NASDive provides permanently installed wired communications for saturation diving operations and represents the industry’s first and only, truly digital diver communication system. Through the use of digital electronics, digital telemetry and the latest generation of helium speech unscrambler, NASDive provides the clearest and highest intelligibility diver communications available today, while simplifying the wiring and installation requirements for both chambers and dive bells.

NASDive emergency through water communications (ETWC)
Operating at the industry standard 25 kHz single sideband frequency, NASDive ETWC employs the latest digital techniques to provide a clear wireless voice communications link between the dive bell and vessel for use in emergency situations. The system can also be utilised to provide a wireless voice communications system for manned submersibles.

Air diver communications
The 352X range is an integrated wired system, designed to meet the requirements of Air Diver Communications. The system is easy to operate and utilises a modular architecture; enabling it to be easily adapted to suit different air dive and surface location communication requirements.

Imenco Nautronix NASDive

More details

  • High clarity speech communications
  • Clear helium speech unscrambling for all locations simultaneously
  • Reduced cabling requirements for vessel and bell
  • Remote fault finding capability
  • System can be expanded and re-configured by user as required
  • Easy integration of wireless headsets for all supervisors
  • Ship to shore telephone communications
  • Automatic transfer of system control to the bellman in the event of communication being lost with dive control, ensuring unscrambled communications are maintained with the excursion divers


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