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Imenco Aqua is an international company within aquaculture. We provide Smart Solutions, technology and equipment to customers globally.


Our Aquaculture products and services are labeled Imenco Aqua.


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Sunndalsøra: Industrivegen 3, 6600 Sunndalsøra – Midle of Norway

Grinde: Kophaug 3, 5570 Aksdal – West coast of Norway

Askvoll -Bergen: Storebotn 38, 5309 Kleppestø – West coast of Norway



Puerto Montt: Ruta 5 Sur, Km 1025, Mod 15 A




Parter: GroAqua UK: 1 Longman Dr, Inverness IV1 1SU, E-mail: Phone: +44 1463 250275



Iceland: Aqua.IS: Drangahraun 6, 220 Hafnarfjörður, E-mail:, Phone: (354) 833-5575

Canada: Four Links: 36 Ambleside Dr., Douglas, New Brunswick, Canada E3G 7V9, E-mail:, Phone:

T: 1-506-458-2184



Fish welfare products


Fish welfare in aquaculture

When we keep animals in captivity, we deprive the animal of the opportunity to move away from places with poor living conditions. We have thus taken on the responsibility for this animal to have a good life – for it to have good welfare. This means, among other things, that we have to ensure that the fish gets the right and enough feed, that it gets enough room to be able to move normally, and that it is in good health. It also means that we must ensure that we do not unnecessarily expose the fish to anything that may cause it discomfort or be painful for it.

To ensure good fish welfare, we must have knowledge of the fish’s natural way of life, needs, appearance and behaviour. We must monitor the fish, record deviations and take measures when necessary. Such measures can often require special expertise, for example from a veterinarian, but it is the breeder who has daily supervision of the fish, and who must be able to register deviations.

The Animal Welfare Law sets requirements for how fish and other aquatic animals should fare in farming and during fishing and catching activities.

The law applies to both wild fish and farmed fish and states that the fish must be treated well and protected against the risk of unnecessary stresses and strains.

With smart solutions from Imenco Aqua, we take fish welfare seriously and on the animals’ terms.

We offer Seanest cleaning fish shelters, fish welfare camera systems, oxygen systems, biomass estimation frames and feeders and robots that provide optimal feeding.

Camera systems


Imenco has been a leading global developer of cameras for use underwater for more than 30 years. This has given us a unique knowledge of optimizing image quality and design for the rough environment the cameras are going to operate in.

Our camera system for the aquaculture industry is developed based on this expertise in close cooperation with our customers. The best possible image quality combined with ease of use has been the focus through the development stage. The feedback from our customers shows that we have succeeded.


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VitaDi™ Oksygendiffusor

Sensors: Water Quality & Logging


Biomass estimation

Biomassemåler ramme




Imenco Havbruk Aida


As a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of monitoring for fish farming and boating, it is important to be able to offer a total package that also means offering a reliable and dependable service to our customers.

We know the local conditions and have service technicians with practical experience from operational operations both at sea and on land with in-depth knowledge of our products.

Our service technicians take care of installation / maintenance / service of new and existing facilities.

We also store all service history in our service program.


Imenco Aquabyte lusetelling




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We have a highly skilled staff with many years of experience developing solutions for the industry. As a result, we are able to supply products and services, which accommodates contemporary aquaculture practice, and we strive to collaborate closely with our customers to fully understand their needs. We are constantly undertaking product development so we remain at the forefront of aquaculture suppliers.

We are committed to the ongoing growth and success of the aquaculture industry and seek long-term relationships with our customers, by gaining trust through understanding, consistency, and quality.


World leading image quality

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