Subsea Power Systems & Battery Packs

The Imenco Nautronix range of Subsea Power Systems and Battery Packs provide a highly reliable energy source designed for a range of applications in harsh subsea offshore environments.

Imenco Nautronix has an extensive track record providing subsea electronic systems powered by a range of energy sources including highly efficient battery packs. These packs can provide an autonomous power source for a huge range of applications in water depths up to 6000 metres. Long term deployed applications and devices requiring remote power sources such as data logging or backup/restore of power to assets can now be realised.

Single battery pack modules are available and can be supplied as multiples in a range of packages. Designed for up to 10 years deployment each configuration can be supplied with wet-mate connector options for subsea hot-swap application.

Imenco Nautronix Battery pack systems status can be monitored via serial or SIIS interfaces or optionally can be supplied with an acoustic wireless communication pod for remote monitoring applications.

Utilising a long pedigree in subsea engineering excellence, Imenco Nautronix can also provide bespoke and customised solutions to suit any project requirement.

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  • Multiple battery chemistries available to suit application requirements including rechargeable and single use
  • Multiple housing materials available to suit planned deployment depth
  • Serial or SIIS interface for battery monitoring
  • Combine multiple battery packs to increase capacity or voltage
  • Voltage output options including DC and AC
  • Wet-mate connector options for subsea ‘hot-swap’
  • Subsea mounting options available


Housing Type Depth Rating Dimensions
PVC / Delrin 100 m 991 x Ø200, 40 kg
Anodised Aluminium 3000 m 991 x Ø200, 70 kg
Stainless Steel 4000 m 991 x Ø200, 170 kg
Titanium 6000 m 991 x Ø200, 100 kg
None / OEM Client housing 600 x Ø158, 20 kg




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