Subsea Positioning System

The Imenco Nautronix NASNet® subsea positioning system is an advanced multi-user, versatile long baseline (LBL) positioning system that can simultaneously position unlimited objects with fast updates and no acoustic interference.

The versatile feature of the system means it is ideal for meeting deepwater, construction and general hydrographic survey operations.

Highly accurate over long ranges meaning less seabed assets to install and no need for frequency management. NASNet® provides field-proven operational efficiencies, designed for long term deployment in deepwater environments.

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Likened to an underwater GPS system, NASNet® is the ideal subsea positioning and navigational solution. As a broadcast only system, its reliable positioning provides reduced vessel times for high-quality data updates throughout the water column to the sea floor, regardless of working depths.

  • Accurate range measurements between the calibrated NASNet® array and passive receivers on tracked objects
  • NASNet® overcomes the limitations of conventional LBL systems
  • Long range and high integrity communications using acoustic digital spread spectrum (ADS2) signalling
  • Integrates with inertial navigation system (INS)
  • Supports all operational requirements including dynamic position reference (DPR), remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and structure positioning
  • Simple system installation including optional single lift and deployment capability
  • Simultaneously position unlimited objects at fast update rates
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance costs


Shannon Giagnorio Director of Business Development - Americas

Shannon Giagnorio

Director of Business Development - Americas


Åge Baustad

Technical Sales - Subsea Cameras & Electronics

Mark Scott Imenco

Mark Scott

Product Line Manager - Renewables - NASNet®

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