Remote Subsea Control and monitoring

Imenco Nautronix NASCoM provides long range, high integrity remote subsea control and monitoring of assets, either as a primary system, or secondary in conjunction with a subsea umbilical connection. At the heart of NASCoM is acoustic digital spread spectrum (ADS2) signaling technology which uses advanced coding technology, ensuring no interference from unwanted natural or man-made sources.

The system is field proven and performs both in shallow water around structures and deep water. As a wireless system, multi-user, multi-asset operation is straightforward. The system can allow multiple user interfaces to monitor subsea equipment and the acoustic communication path is highly secure and cannot be accessed or interfered with by other systems. Dual redundant equipment may also be deployed.

NASCoM makes use of significant intelligence in the subsea control unit (SCU), allowing it to provide analysis of data, or autonomous operation including fail to safety functionality.

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  • Portable surface controller
  • Live data monitoring
  • No interference from unwanted acoustic noise or other systems
  • Control and monitor subsea systems from multiple locations


  • Shallow or deep water
  • An alternative solution to wired umbilical or ROV wet-mate connection, ROV surveys or diver intervention
  • Operation of subsea valves and connectors
  • Monitoring (with logging option) of pressure, temperature, flow rate, volume, pitch and roll, CP sensors, wall thickness, and more



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Shannon Giagnorio

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