Acoustic Modem Series​

The Imenco Acoustic Modem Series provides key building blocks for subsea wireless data transfer, allowing you to assemble your own Smart Solution.

Acoustic communication provides long range, high integrity method of sending data through water. The Acoustic Modem Series is an off-the-shelf solution which can connect to any device with a serial interface, any data sent via the modem will be recreated at the destination device.

Imenco is also very happy to work with clients to provide optimised solutions, allowing data to be transmitted more efficiently, maximising data throughput and battery life.


  • Connect remote devices as if they are directly connected via cable.
  • Easily integrate wireless technology into existing systems for quick system deployment.
  • Reduce or remove requirement for cabled connections, ROV deployment and diver intervention.
  • Internal battery and external power options, no external battery pack required.

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  • Shallow or deep water
  • An alternative solution to wired umbilical or ROV wet-mate connection, ROV surveys or diver intervention.
  • AUV mission upload and data download.
  • ROV / AUV subsea data harvesting.
  • Operation of subsea control systems and actuators.
  • Monitoring of subsea system status.
  • Monitoring of subsea sensors.


Inge Ivesdal

Sales Manager Norway - Subsea Products

Shannon Giagnorio Director of Business Development - Americas

Shannon Giagnorio

Director of Business Development - Americas

Andrew Connelly - Black and White

Andrew Connelly

Product Line Manager - NASCoM Imenco UK Ltd

Imenco Nautronix

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