– The FuelSCAN Analyzer is set to revolutionize aviation fuel sampling

Safety has always been a paramount concern in the aviation industry, and the need for efficient and secure fuel sampling is no exception. In a groundbreaking move, Imenco Aviation has introduced the FuelSCAN Analyzer, an advanced technological device set to revolutionize aviation fuel sampling while also prioritizing safety, sustainability, and efficiency. This cutting-edge system utilizes the latest proven sensor technologies to provide daily fuel sample reports without exposing operators to harmful vapors, making it a game-changer for the aviation industry. 

Fuel Sampling Transformed 

Traditionally, aviation fuel sampling requires manual testing, posing potential risks to operators who are exposed to hazardous vapors. Imenco Aviation’s FuelSCAN Analyzer eliminates this risk by offering 24/7 automatic monitoring of fuel, completely removing the need for daily manual testing. The system places acurracy at the forefront, ensuring the highest quality of fuel delivered to aircraft while adhering to international regulations. 

Ross Edmonds, Sales Manager at Imenco Aviation, highlights the significance of this innovation:  

-The FuelSCAN Analyzer marks a new era in aviation fuel sampling. By automating the process, we not only enhance safety but also significantly reduce the time and effort required for routine fuel testing, explains Mr. Edmonds. 

Designed to ensure the highest quality: Aftermarket Manager at Imenco Aviation, Mr Jan Erik Hustvedt, oversees how Imenco Aviation’s technological solutions complies with international regulations in order to ensure the highest fuel quality for aircrafts.

A Sustainable Solution 

One of the standout features of the FuelSCAN Analyzer is its ability to recycle the fuel samples back into service, minimizing waste and making it the most sustainable sampling system available. This environmentally friendly approach not only benefits the aviation industry but also contributes to reducing its carbon footprint. 

 Jan Erik Hustvedt, Aftermarket Manager at Imenco Aviation, ensures that the system in addition to its technological solutions also complies with international regulations while maintaining safety and sustainability.  

-Our system does not compromise any safety measures; in fact, it introduces additional safety systems to guarantee the highest fuel quality for aircraft, states Mr. Hustvedt.  

Unique system and advanced technology: Sales Manager Ross Edmonds discusses some of the features and solutions of the FuelSCAN Analyzer, with colleagues Technical Sales Engineer Joe Barr (left) and After Sales Manager Jan Erik Hustvedt.

Advanced Technology at Work 

Imenco Aviation has been at the forefront of automatic monitoring of refueling systems since 2015. The FuelSCAN Analyzer takes this expertise to new heights, offering versatility and convenience in various versions, including military, unmanned, and remote applications. The system is delivered in a complete lifting cage, eliminating the need for commissioning before use. 

The FuelSCAN Analyzer can also be supplied in a version that requires no external power supply, making it adaptable for a wide range of operational environments, including ATEX Zone 1 approved locations. 

The analyzer also incorporates advanced technology, including the EI 1598 water sensor, EI 1581 Filter Water Separator, and a particle counter, with an option for a density meter. These components ensure a clear and bright test, providing accurate and reliable results with every use. This “drop-in” solution makes retrofitting existing systems straightforward and efficient. 

Imenco fuelSCAN-Analyzer
The Imenco fuelSCAN-Analyzer brings innovative solutions to the aviation industry.

Improving the aviation industry, one tank at the time 

Imenco has a long and proven track record withiin several industries. With the FuelSCAN Analyzer, Imenco Aviation also demonstrate its commitment to innovation and excellence in aviation systems, ensuring that the industry remains at the forefront of technological advancements while safeguarding the well-being of its operators and the environment. 

Sales Manager Ross Edmonds from Imenco Aviation, sees a variety of reasons for why his customers could benefit from the new analyzing system. 

-The FuelSCAN Analyzer of Imenco Aviation, marks a significant leap forward in aviation fuel sampling. By automating the fuel sampling process, we are enhancing safety and promoting sustainability. This system sets new standards in the industry, benefits the operators but also contributes to a safer, greener, and more efficient aviation industry, concludes Mr. Edmonds. 

You can meet him and his colleague Mr Jan Erik Hustvedt, at Heli Expo on February 27th-29th.