Emergency BOP acoustic control system

Imenco Nautronix NASeBOP Emergency BOP acoustic control system

The Imenco Nautronix emergency blowout preventer acoustic control system (NASeBOP) is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of mission critical BOP control. NASeBOP provides a comprehensive, fully redundant system, including complete emergency backup, to perform an emergency disconnect sequence (EDS) if required. Whether an EDS has been executed via NASeBOP or the umbilical, NASeBOP offers the key advantage of being able to monitor the BOP status after an EDS has been carried out.

At the heart of NASeBOP is acoustic digital spread spectrum (ADS2) signalling technology. ADS2 is optimized for long range, high integrity control and monitoring of subsea assets, ensuring there is no interference from unwanted sources such as other acoustic noise or the environment. The handshaking protocol used within the NASeBOP system maintains the highest level of system integrity and satisfies all current requirements of API 16D and 17E. NASeBOP features multiple user interfaces, from a feature packed master station installed on the vessel to portable units for emergency control from a lifeboat. An EDS can be stored off the vessel as a backup system should all other methods of initiating an EDS prove impossible.

Imenco Nautronix NASeBOP

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