Pig Tracking & Subsea Acoustic Location

The Imenco Nautronix range of tracking systems provide accurate and straightforward tracking with applications onshore, offshore, and subsea.

Pig tracking & location

Our range of Nautronix Helle transmitters and receivers use electromagnetic tracking to locate pigs to within a few centimeters.

Various receiver and antenna options are available allowing the tracking system to be used onshore or subsea using an ROV or diver.

High grade materials, plastics, composites and metals are used in the production of the transmitters, making them exceptionally robust and reliable and can be used with complete confidence in subsea gas lines and proven for use in multi-layer flexible lines.


Subsea acoustic tracking & location

Our range of subsea products use acoustic technology to allow straightforward marking and relocation of subsea assets.

Activated when immersed in sea water, the pinger emits an audio pulse at a set frequency, which can then be detected from vessels and ROVS, or for shallow water operation diver held units are also available.

A range of pingers and receivers in various configurations and options are available to suit a wide range of operational requirements.

Receiver models: 6120 B surface; 6290 diver held

Imenco Nautronix Subsea-location-equipment

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Pig tracking & location

Transmitter models: 2900; 2902; 2903; 2906; 2908; 2910 A

Receivers and antennae models: 6385; 6750 B; 6751; 6380; 6565


Subsea acoustic tracking & location

Pinger models: 22xxB; 24xxB; 2481A; 27xxA

Receiver models: 6120 B surface; 6290 diver held

Direction antenna models: 6555/6556 ROV mounted; 560 (A/D converter)


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