Pioneering the Future of Oceanic Monitoring and Environmental Protection

In an era where the subsea industry continues to expand both in operational areas and depths, Imenco Future Technologies have emerged as beacons of innovation, focused on the last frontiers for exploration and monitoring to ensure safe and environmental friendly operations at every depth, unveiling a suite of advanced sonar-based solutions aimed at safeguarding our oceans. With an acute focus on environmental monitoring and security, these technologies promise to revolutionize our understanding and management of subsea operations.   

Subsea operations, particularly those related to oil fields and pipelines, are exposed to several extreme conditions, representing environmental hazards and security challenges. Traditional monitoring methods often fall short, unable to detect early signs of leakage or foreign interference.  

Michael T. Smith, Business Development Manager at Imenco Future Technologies, has been pivotal in bringing new solutions to light and is also speaking on these new technologies at the Subsea Tieback conference in San Antonio (Texas) this week. He explains how Imenco after the acquisition of Metas in 2023, have implemented and developed a comprehensive range of products into their portfolio. Some of these are:  

No limits to capacity or possibilities: The Ocean observatories from Imenco Future Technologies can be used for a number of capacities to monitor issues relevant both to environmental and security concerns.

Subsea Environmental Monitoring Systems 

From fixed to mobile observatories equipped with cutting-edge sensors for real-time data on water quality, temperature, and dissolved gases, offering unparalleled insights into the marine environment. 

Hydrocarbon & CO2 Monitoring Solutions 

Utilizing advanced scanning and fixed sonar technologies, these systems provide critical information on hydrocarbon leaks and CO2 emissions, ensuring rapid response to potential environmental threats. 

Security and Ecosystem Surveillance: 

Through sophisticated sonar-based solutions, these technologies offer wide-area monitoring, capable of detecting dropped objects and unauthorized aquatic vehicles, safeguarding against security breaches. 

Combining sonar data with machine learning 

At the core of these innovations are technologies designed to peer into the depths with unprecedented clarity and precision. Scanning sonar systems, equipped with machine learning capabilities, deliver 360º horizontal and adjustable vertical coverage, enabling the localization of assets and the detection of anomalies with high accuracy. Environmental monitoring systems are similarly advanced, featuring an array of sensors and equipment capable of detailed analysis, from acoustic profiling to plume monitoring.  

Wide Area Active Monitoring Imenco Product
Advanced sonars: Sonar Wide Area Active Monitoring (WAAM) system uses scanning sonar and machine learning to find and report leaks.  

Based on science – and a vision to protect the environment 

The driving force behind these technologies is not just the advancement of subsea monitoring but a profound commitment to environmental protection and the security of underwater assets. Michael T. Smith, explains how the vision and expertise have been pivotal in bringing these solutions to light.  

-All of Metas technologies are based on a scientific approach, originating from a vision of a safe, secure and sustainable ways to harvest the resources from any marine environment. 

In the subsea domain, it has been common to have little insight into what occurs outside the process pipe. As both the external conditions at greater depths and governmental regulations for safety and environmental protection grows, this is no longer acceptable. 

-With our Subsea Leak Detection System, we eliminate this previous “blindness”, explains Michael T. Smith. By harnessing advanced acoustics and process them with machine learning, these systems offer a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential leaks or security threats before they escalate. 

The final frontier of environmental protection 

Michael T. Smith highlights the critical role of these technologies in understanding and protecting the marine environment.  

-Monitoring the depths of the oceans is the final frontier of environmental protection and security hazards, Smith states, and explains how Imenco and Metas’s commitment to innovation contribute to a safer, more sustainable future for subsea operations. 

As we stand on the brink of a new era in oceanic exploration and monitoring, the collaborative efforts of Imenco and Metas, Michael T. Smith and the rest of the team at Imenco Future Technologies, offer hope and direction. These pioneering technologies not only promise to enhance the safety and sustainability of subsea operations but also pave the way for a deeper understanding of our planet’s final frontier, helping to protect our oceans, ensuring they remain a thriving habitat for generations to come.