Environmental, Social & Governance

Imenco  ESG Strategy

At Imenco Group, we are deeply committed to an ESG strategy that guides our business decisions and operations. We recognize the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance factors in driving sustainable and responsible practices. We integrate ESG considerations into our core business strategy, ensuring that our investments, products, and operations prioritize environmental sustainability, social well-being, and ethical governance. We set ambitious targets to reduce our environmental footprint, foster diversity and inclusion, and engage with our suppliers, employees and stakeholders transparently. Through collaboration and continuous improvement, we strive to create lasting positive impact, contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

For questions regarding how Imenco Group work according to the Transparency act, please contact us imenco@imenco.com



We conduct our business with integrity and high ethical standards in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and in-house policies.

Our policies are clearly setting out the expectations and minimum requirements on how to conduct our business and what we expect from all Imenco employees and our suppliers.


Whistleblowing Procedure


Code of Conduct for Suppliers                      

 Code of Conduct Imenco

Supplier QHSE Questionnaire Form

General Data Protection Procedure – GDPR

Procedure for fulfilment of Transparency Act