-Being one of the smallest multiplexers on the market, it gives subsea operators a huge range of opportunities!

The recent release of the Icon Mux 117 from Imenco, is offering a cost-effective solution for upgrading remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to meet the modern market’s stringent demands for high-quality underwater imaging. Many ROV operators could benefit from the possibilities this offers to older ROV systems. 

The Icon Mux 117-4 is one of several new mid-sized multiplexers from Imenco that fills the gap between a full-blown survey mux and the smaller Icon MUX 1 and 2 that Imenco has offered for several years.  

Small, but powerful 

This small, but powerful, multiplexer enables the use of a spare single modus fibre in the ROV umbilical to control and view 3 off 3G HD-SDi cameras with RS232 control included on each channel. In addition, you will get 3 off 10/100Mb/1Gb Ethernet ports for auxiliary equipment together with 1 off RS232 port for general use. The size of the MUX is just slightly larger than our Orca camera 

The upgrade is not only enhancing operational capabilities but also extending the lifespan of existing equipment, presenting a cost-effective alternative when upgrading older ROV systems. 


Adding multiple functions to older ROV models: The Icon Mux brings a lot of opportunities to ROV operators looking to upgrade their existing fleet of older ROV models  


Positive impact to the subsea industry 

Vice President of Imenco Americas, Kristian Mayon, sees a great potential with the new multiplexer, and highlights the opportunities the Icon Mux 117 brings to the subsea industry. The need for high-quality imaging in subsea operations has never been more critical, especially in sectors like oil and gas and offshore wind. The Icon Mux 117 addresses this requirement head-on, ensuring that older ROVs can continue to be competitive and meet client expectations for clear, high-resolution video feeds. 

-Our new mux allows operators to retrofit their ROVs with HD-SDI and HD IP-cameras, significantly improving picture quality and, by extension, the efficiency of subsea operations. This is a cost-effective upgrade that meets the rising demands for better visuals in underwater projects, Mayon explains. He also believes the size of the mux will be valuable to ROV operators, as it is easy to find space for it onboard most systems. -Being one of the smallest multiplexers on the market, it gives subsea operators a huge range of opportunities, states Mayon. 


Compact design 

The compact, lightweight design, weighing just 1.2kg in water, and its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing ROV equipment, makes it an essential addition to any subsea operation. The Mux uses a single fiber in the ROV umbilical and a 24V DC power supply, simplifying installation and operation. 

The titanium-encased subsea system, rated at 6000msw, is designed for durability and performance. Its advanced capabilities include multiplexing data onto a single-mode fiber using course wavelength division multiplexing, providing eight optical channels. This technology ensures the transmission of high-quality video, data, and control signals between the ROV and surface operations. 

Extensive monitoring opportunities: The topside mux can be connected to external displays to increase the opportunity for detailed monitoring.

Enhancing operational efficiency  

Mayon further emphasizes the mux as an important part to enhance operational efficiency. -The Icon Mux 117 fills a crucial niche in the market, offering HD quality images on older ROVs in a cost-effective way. With the increased requirements for picture quality from our clients, this Mux ensures that more ROVs can be utilized to their full potential, aligning with the new level of operational standards, he explains. 

-In conclusion, Imenco’s Icon Mux 117 is in many ways set to redefine the standards for subsea imaging, providing a versatile, efficient, and cost-effective solution for upgrading older ROV systems, concludes Kristian Mayon – VP Americas.  

With Imenco’s proven track record for innovation, Mayon expects the Icon Mux 117 to provide extended life range for a number of ROVs, ensuring that operators can meet the evolving demands of subsea operations with confidence. 

You can read more about the Imenco Mux here.