Our Engineers assist clients of all sizes and at all levels from design support to delivering finished products

A team of highly experienced engineers work together with designing and developing smart solutions for customers.

Simple design solutions are often a result of years of design, production, testing and operational experience combined to exceed client expectations.

Our Engineering assist clients of all sizes and at all levels from design support to delivering finished products.

Topside Lifting:

Imenco have specialists in handling, lifting and engineering with focus on the offshore/marine environment. Focus on recent years has been pull-in system for offshore platforms, and especially fast-track project with limited delivery time with great feedback from our customers.

Topside Units:

We design, develop and produce several different Topside Units for offshore and maritime use. The whole process from the idea or request from customer, through the design and development face and to the final assembly in the workshop is done in-house in our workshop facilities in Norway.

Diving Systems:

Over the years we have designed and produced several large diving systems, various diving chambers and other diving units. The systems and units are highly advanced and built to high standards.

Through proficient engineering based on creative skills, we find solutions to functional and mechanical challenges for our customers.

Our Engineering  we put your creativity to the test and utilize the complete value chain to solve, shape and refine solutions. The engineering assignments are usually led by our skilled project managers in close cooperation with our clients. The fact that we are a “one stop shop”, a supplier of the whole process from development to finished product through machining, welding and testing, makes us a suitable partner in new projects. Our engineering department follows the product development throughout the fabrication process to make adjustments and corrections, enabling a minimal waste of time and resources.

We are experts in developing cost-effective solutions for our customers and we are always ready for challenging engineering projects. This kind of innovative thinking and development is one of the issues that makes us highly respected in the offshore industry.

World Leader in Corrosion technology Engineering. Corrosion control is an essential element of asset integrity strategies for all offshore structures. This is valid for both its initial stages and throughout its planned life span. For field life extension projects this becomes essential.

World Class Machining –  hydraulics Engineering. We supply high pressure hydraulics for demanding applications in offshore oil- and gas industry, marine industries, and mining. Our main products are hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power units and hydraulic filtration units. We have a service team that does on-site service and we do service at our Norwegian facilities.

Having one of the world’s best production lines for Aviation Fuelling Systems

Imenco can offer in-house engineering and design with an excellent service, which maintains customer satisfaction.

Imenco was established in 1979 as an engineering company and was for the first 20 years engaged in a variety of subsea projects. We’re still heavily involved in Subsea Engineering, delivering smart solutions every day. Imenco grew even further and is now working in many different business areas, such as Offshore oil & gas, renewables Energy, Marine, aquaculture, Defence and industrial.  Imenco Engineering Projects have a huge variety of engineers working day to day, innovating, taking on new challenges, backing up our theories with the relevant rules and regulations that may apply, making finite element analysis, doing the 3D digital prototyping that is necessary getting the best results possible. Clients come to Imenco with high expectations and expect smart solid solutions.

For 44 years Imenco Engineering projects have delivered world wide Smart Solutions.

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