Future Technologies

System Solutions:
This area focuses on providing comprehensive solutions that integrate multiple components and technologies to meet specific needs. System solutions can encompass everything from complex data systems to integrated electronics and software platforms that work together to address specific issues.

Electronics Engineering:
This area involves the development, design, and production of electronic components and systems. Electronics engineering includes everything from circuit board design to the production of advanced devices containing microprocessors, sensors, and other electronic functionality.

Software Systems & Application Development:
This product area focuses on the development of software applications and systems that meet specific needs. It can include everything from custom business applications to consumer-oriented software for various purposes such as productivity, communication, or entertainment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Computer Vision with Machine Learning:
This area revolves around the development of systems that can understand, analyze, and interpret data in a manner similar to human intelligence. Computer vision and machine learning are key components in the development of AI systems that can perceive and make decisions based on collected information.

CCTV Naval & Submarine Systems:
This area focuses on developing closed circuit camera surveillance systems for use in marine and underwater environments, including underwater vehicles and naval vessels.

Marine Camera System Solutions including IP, EX & IR Cameras:
This product area includes the development and customization of camera products specifically designed for use in marine environments. This can include cameras resistant to explosion hazard (EX), infrared (IR) cameras for night vision, and IP cameras for network-based monitoring.

Digital Stills Cameras:
This area encompasses the development of digital cameras for capturing still images. It may include cameras with various features and resolutions suitable for different applications.

IP Video Cameras:
IP video cameras focus on transmitting video over data networks, such as the internet or local networks. These cameras are often used in surveillance systems.

This area includes the development of laser technology for a range of applications, such as medical equipment, materials processing, communication, and scientific research.

LED Lights, Flashes & Lamps:
Development of lighting solutions based on LED technology, including flashes and lamps used in various contexts.

Pan/Tilt & Rotators:
This area involves the development of mechanical devices that allow for movement and adjustment of cameras and sensors in different directions.

Camera Control Units:
Development of devices that give users control over camera settings, movements, and functions.

Subsea Sensors including AHRS & MUX:
This area focuses on developing sensors used underwater, including Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and Multiplexers (MUX) for collecting and transmitting data.

Through Water Communication & Positioning Systems:
Development of systems that enable communication and positioning underwater, such as for underwater research or the offshore industry.

In-field Internet of Things (IoT):
This area includes the development of IoT solutions usable in remote or challenging environments, such as agriculture, oil and gas, or environmental monitoring.

Acoustic-enabled Remote Controls & Monitoring:
Development of remote control and monitoring solutions utilizing acoustic technology for remote operation and surveillance of systems.

Diver Communication Systems:
This area focuses on developing communication systems that allow communication between divers underwater.

Mini Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) – Seabotix LBVs:
Development of small underwater vehicles (ROVs) used for exploration, inspection, and research in underwater environments.

System Sales & Rentals:
This area involves the sale and rental of complete systems and equipment packages to customers in need of solutions for various applications within the mentioned technologies.

Imenco Future Technologies Smart solutions: IMENCO Acoustic Shackle

The Imenco Acoustic Shackle has been developed to help streamline critical lifting operations. Operated via robust wireless communication, the Acoustic Shackle does not require ROV support to complete deployment of equipment to seabed, resulting in cost and time savings.

Imenco is a world leader in providing subsea mechanical lifting products for the offshore industry, and has significant track record in providing acoustic subsea wireless solutions. This Smart Solution brings expertise and these two technologies from the Imenco toolbox. An acoustic electronics pod receives coded commands from topside, provides power and commands to an electric actuator and takes feedback from a highly accurate position encoder inside the actuator to confirm successful operation. An internal brake prevents pin movement due to any external force.

An electric actuator is smaller, lighter, more reliable and cleaner than a hydraulically operated device, and is not affected by external hydrostatic pressure limiting effectiveness at increased water depth.

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