Control Panel

The Control Panel is used for remote machine operation, either by use of hydraulic, pneumatic or electric signals. The Control Panel is mainly used in workshops and on drill floors.

We have various types of control panels, readily adapted to customer needs. Our control panels are designed with regard to safety, ergonomics and the environment.

More details

•    Panel for hydraulic, pneumatic and/or electrical control valves.

•    Easily designed for functions required.

•    Hydraulic emergency stop valve (optional).

•    Mechanical handle lock (optional).

•    Protection cover.

•    Oil drip tray.

•    Text / labelling engraved according to customer`s specifications.

•    Working pressure up to 690 bar.

•    Connection plate with labels for easy connection.

•    Lifting points for handling.



Kjell Kleiveland-002

Kjell Kleiveland

Senior Sales Engineer

Idar Vassbø

Idar Vassbø

Sales Manager Hydraulics & Machining

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