Imenco Mera HPFS/FFU Multifunctional Drilldeck Skid

  • Reduced operation and maintenance cost
  • Extended system and fluid lifetime
  • Reduced operator time

The Imenco MERA HPFS/FFU Multifunctional Drilldeck Skid circulates fluids used in riser tensioning and motion compensating systems in operation.

Imenco MERA started an R&D process in 2009, focusing on the development of a technology to make it possible to circulate pressurized fluids without causing any integrity breach for the main system. The primary assets targeted for this technology was Riser Tensioning & Motion Compensating Systems used on offshore drilling units.

Solving this challenge meant that fluids used in hydro-pneumatic systems could be circulated and maintained whilst in operation. Significantly reducing maintenance cost on large and critical components/systems.

We succeeded with the development and our HPFS/FFU Multifunctional Drilldeck Skid is in operation at numerous locations.


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Inge Ivesdal

Sales Manager Norway - Subsea Products

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