Guide line Tensioner 16K 40ft

The Guideline Tensioner System (GLT) is a hydro pneumatic device used on an offshore drilling rig or vessel

The Guideline Tensioner 16K 40ft (GLT) is a hydro pneumatic device used on an offshore drilling rig or vessel. It keeps a constant positive pulling force on the guide wires from the rig to a template on the seabed.

The guide wires act as guidance for equipment and tools that must be lowered to the template. Without a tensioner, the guide wires would become slack and could be broken if the platform moved. In recent years we have developed several types of wire tensioning systems. The Guideline Tensioner 16K 40ft wire system is used on rigs and vessels to ensure constant tension on the guide wire ropes, lifting equipment and marine risers.

The use of hydro-pneumatics in a system comprising a hydraulic cylinder, accumulator and wire sheaves enables compensation for rig movements and maintains constant wire tension. We possess the design of several types of tensioning systems with different stroke lengths, power and interface, and we readily adapt these systems to individual customer needs.

More details

  • Adjustable tension by use of remote panel
  • DNV / ABS approval according to DNV-OS-101
  • Piston free air / oil accumulator
  • Pneumatic / hydraulic wire tension System
  • Designed for Rod End Down (RED)
  • Max speed on wire: 1,5 m/s (300 fpm)
  • Max speed on cylinder: 0,4 m/s (75 fpm)
  • Wire tension load: 7,2 t (16 K lbs)
  • Cylinder stroke: 3 m (10 ft)
  • Wire stroke:  12,2 m (40 ft)
  • Wire Line diameter: 3/4″
  • Medium: Nitrogen / water glycol
  • Max working pressure: 131 bar (1900 PSI)
  • Piston rod in S-165M with chrome (Optional – Inconell cladding)
  • 3D-model available upon request


Kjell Kleiveland Senior Sales Engineer

Kjell Kleiveland

Senior Sales Engineer


Idar Vassbø

Sales Manager Hydraulics & Machining

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