Continuous Movement Skidding System


Island Offshore challenged us to decrease the operation time during skidding with 30%, without increasing the cylinder speed on the skidding unit. With a new set-up of the hydraulic cylinders, positioning sensors and PLS, we have achieved to increase the skidding speed with over 100%. The system is fully automatic and operated by a one-handle radio control panel.

Watch our demonstration video of the system in action:

More details & product sheet

•  Load capacity: 80 mT.

•  Type of skidding method: Push-pull cylinders with gripper dice. Double set of skidding cylinders to achieve continuous movement.

•  Control system: 1 handle – Radio Control Panel. (Local hydraulic panel for emergency use).

•  Cylinder speed: 2,5 m/min.

•  Skidding speed: 2,5 m/min.

•  Hydraulic driven hose reel.

•  Hydraulic driven generator for powering the electrical control system. No external electrical cables are needed.

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