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The Wire Tension System is used on rigs and vessels to maintain constant tension on wires connected to hang off equipment. The system ensures that cables and hoses will not be exposed to destructive tension due to rig movement.

We have developed several types of wire tensioning systems. Our Wire Tension System ensures constant tension on the guide wire ropes, lifting equipment, and marine risers. The use of hydro-pneumatic in a system comprising a hydraulic cylinder, accumulator and wire sheaves enables compensation for rig movements and maintains constant wire tension.  We possess the design of several types of tensioning systems with different stroke lengths, power and interface, and we readily adapt these systems to individual customer needs.

The stand alone type has it`s own APV and control panel and does not need to be hooked up to the rig`s APVs.

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More details & product sheet

•    The stand alone type has it´s own APV and control panel and does not need to be hooked up

      to the rig´s APVs.

•    Olmsted safety valve in case of wire damage.

•    Adjustable tension force.

•    DNV / ABS approval.

•    Customer adapted design possible.

•    Piston free air / oil accumulator.
•    Pneumatic / Hydraulic Wire Tension System.

•    Operational acceleration: 1 m/s (197 fpm).

•    Survival acceleration: 2 m/s (394 fpm).

•    Wire tension load: 2045 kg (4508 Ibs).

•    Cylinder stroke: 2800 mm (9,18 ft).

•    Flow control valve.

•    Medium: Nitrogen / Water Glycol.

•    Max working pressure 207 bar (3000 PSI).

•    Piston rod in S-165M with chrome (Optional – Inconell cladding).

•    Download the product sheet to explore the wire stroke and wire force.

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