Work Boat Refueling Stations

Work Boat Refuelling Station

Imenco’ s Work Boat Refueling Stations are designed and manufactured as a standard product, which can easily be adapted / modified to meet any special requirements of the individual Client.

Our refueling Stations have tank capacities of either 1000 or 2000 liter and a flow rate at 50 – 100 liters/min.

Complete filtration and instrumentation, together with pump and valve arrangement is installed on a common skid together with the storage tank. A suitable drip pan in stainless steel and an enclosure in aluminum are provided for protection of the equipment – especially the hose from wear and tear.

The diesel hose is mounted onto a manual hose reel and is equipped with a re-settable flow meter.

An EX approved control panel in stainless steel is included and operates as a standalone package. Different power ranges can be used.

For stations operating in sub-zero climates an EX rated heater is installed in a cabinet, with heat tracing where design temperatures are below -20degC.

Piping is manufactured as standard in stainless steel equivalent to NORSOK AS300 specification.


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