SIIS L1 wireless telemetry system

The SIIS L1 wireless telemetry system allows remote monitoring of multiple SIIS L1 / 4-20 mA sensors such as pressure transmitters (PT) and temperature transmitters (TT). The system provides power to sensors, captures measurements and transmits to the user. Battery options and power modes extend deployment time to 10 years.

Communication with subsea devices is via a topside transducer deployed directly from a vessel, mounted to a gateway buoy, subsea gateway, or ROV / AUV for data transfer. An Imenco user interface can be operated from a laptop, ruggedized deckbox, or integrated with existing client systems.

The capability of subsea wireless telemetry makes this a true alternative to umbilical connections, or data recovery via ROVs and divers. It can also be used to replace failed communication paths.


  • Proven acoustic communication
  • Alternative to wired communication or periodic diver/ROV intervention
  • No need for additional subsea interface modules or power sources
  • Long range allows communication with remote assets
  • Topside connection to laptop, control room, or network gateway
  • Communication with multiple subsea locations from a single topside location
  • Rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery options with up to 10 year life
  • SIIS L1 wireless telemetry system
    SIIS L1 wireless telemetry system

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