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With an extensive track record of acoustic communication, Imenco Nautronix NASCoM provides long range, high integrity remote control and monitoring of subsea systems.

The acoustic communication path is highly secure, and advanced coding technology ensures no interference from unwanted manmade or natural sources, performing well in shallow water around structures as well as deep water.

Long range, multi-user, multi-asset operation is easily achievable.

With technology that has been established and proven in military and oil and gas projects, NASCoM uses acoustic digital spread spectrum (ADS2) signalling to achieve reliable, long range wireless communication for remote assets.

NASCoM can bring benefits over the life of field by supporting drilling, production controls and monitoring, asset integrity monitoring and extending the life of asset, as well as long term monitoring of abandoned assets.

The transmit range of acoustic communication, coupled to a versatile system makes NASCoM a viable alternative to umbilical, downline, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or diver deployment for many applications.

Imenco Nautronix NASCoM has been extensively proven with remote subsea control and monitoring applications such as emergency blowout preventer (BOP) controls, where NASeBOP provides a premier solution either as backup to primary multiplex (MUX) controls, or as primary control of subsea isolation devices.

Other applications include cathodic protection monitoring, attitude monitoring, sensor monitoring, subsea accumulator controls, valve controls and subsea actuator controls.

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