Subsea acoustic tracking & location

Imenco Nautronix have a comprehensive range of acoustic pingers and receivers allows for easy marking and location of subsea structures.

Various frequencies, battery life and acoustic power are available depending on project requirements and can be deployed via a surface vessel, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or diver.

Acoustic pingers

The Imenco Nautronix acoustic pingers are easy to use, battery operated units with saltwater contacts. The pinger is activated on deployment of the unit and outputs a standard tone at a fixed frequency, duration and repetition.

Various battery lives are available depending on required duration.

Powerloss pinger variants are available for ROV or diving bell location in the event the umbilical is severed.

Acoustic receivers

The Imenco Nautronix acoustic pinger receivers are high sensitivity, easy to use omni-directional and directional units. These can be used from a surface vessel, deployed on an ROV or hand held by a diver. All pinger receivers have an internal battery making them portable and deployable on various surface systems.




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Sales Manager - Subsea Products


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Technical Sales - Subsea Cameras & Electronics



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