Fish Welfare

Fish welfare and feeding camera with lice counting and biomass estimation

The next generation Fish Welfare Camera.

Fish Welfare Imenco Product

We introduce the first Multi Camera to the Aquaculture industry. With a combination of the
Imenco Feeding and Inspection Camera and the new Imenco Fish Welfare Camera, you gain full
control over feeding, biomass estimation, lice counting and the overall fish health status in the cage.
Combined with the Createview user-friendly software, the system gives
you a brand new and unparalleled overview of your fish.

Salmon fish Imenco Aqua

Spotting and counting sea-lice under water has been a challenge, but not anymore.

Our crystal-clear images from our fish welfare camera makes it
easy to detect and count sea-lice without handling the fish.
Data algorithms can do the job of counting and estimating the
number of sea-lice in a cage at any given time. The automatic sea
lice counting is approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.
Operators can also view images manually to have a look at it with
human eyes to have a more detailed image when determining
the fish health status in the cage. The camera can be used for
multiple different operations and catches the smallest details.

More details

• Precise biomass estimation

• Automatic lice counting – approved by
the Norwegian Food Safety Authority

• Integrated sensors for O2, temperature
and depth

• High sensitivity and premium colour
reproduction under water

• Connection: 5G, ethernet or Wi-Fi

• Continously insight and control over
the fish welfare status in the cage

• Detects operative welfare indicators


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Trond Marøy

Sales Manager Fish welfare


Anders M. Bastholm

Vice President – Imenco Aqua

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Torbjørn Mikkelsen

Client Manager

Hans Gunnar Hansen Imenco

Hans Gunnar Hansen

Areas of responsibility: Sale & Project Manager - Camera systems / Sensors

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Rune Stangvik – Senior Sales Advisor

Products, aftermarket & service

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