Camera system for Wellboats

Complete camera solutions for well boats with cameras both above and below water.

Complete camera system for wellboats with cameras both above and below water. The system consists of our renowned IP underwater camera Labrus Shark, which delivers crystal clear images in a compact camera housing.

Labrus can be delivered with a wide angle from 100 to 142 degrees. In addition, we have a range of CCTV cameras from fixed cameras to more advanced models with PTZ and optical zoom.

Our camera system for wellboats deliveries include what you need of servers, monitors, Junction boxes, etc. We tailor the system to provide an optimal experience with a focus on operational reliability and the market’s best image quality.

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Anders Bastholm

Anders M. Bastholm

Vice President – Imenco Aqua

Hans Gunnar Hansen Imenco

Hans Gunnar Hansen – Sales Manager Camera systems

Areas of responsibility: Sale Camera systems / Sensors


Louis Cruickshank

Sales Manager UK

Paul Chenevert Li Photo

Paul Chenevert

Technical Manager - Americas

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