Camera system - Insight

The most modern camera system for ocean-based fish farming

We have further developed our products for farming in our Insight range. This Camera system – Insight series consists of the most modern components you can get hold of for your plant.

What characterizes the series is ease of use, image quality and robust and maintenance-friendly components.


Our Camera system – Insight series consists of the following:

  • Pixelite Insight – Our latest cage camera with crystal clear 4K video even in difficult lighting conditions.
  • Smart Winch Insight – Smart winch that moves camera to pre-programmed positions at the touch of a button or completely automatically.
  • Imenco Insight – Our latest software for our systems. Unique experience to control the entire system in an easy-to-use interface. In addition to this, we also have our updated Fish Health Camera which is also available in this series.
  • Fish Health Insight – Tailored for machine learning, Fish Health Insight uses underwater camera images in aquaculture to count lice, estimate biomass and other machine learning algorithms.


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Anders M. Bastholm

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