VitaDi™ Oxygen Diffusor

Oxygen is fundamental to all life – including aquatic.

VitaDi™ Oxygen Diffusor is highly suitable for maintaining optimal oxygen conditions for the fish.

Oxygen is fundamental to all life – including aquatic. VitaDi™ Oxygen Diffusor is ideal for maintaining the optimum oxygen conditions for the fish, and makes it easy for you to maintain an optimum aquatic environment, and thus good fish health – both at sea, on land and during transportation.

VitaDi™ Oxygen Diffusor is a flexible system – and can be tailored to all your oxygenation needs. You can choose simple layouts, with manual logging and regulation of the oxygen – or complete solutions with fully automatic regulation, monitoring and documentation. To ensure an even level of oxygen in the cage, the size and shape of the solution are adapted according to biomass and measures.

Advantages and qualities:
• Flexible adjustment and easy to use
A selection of drum models, manifold solutions or single hoses and capacities are put together to a system that is adjustable to the application, size and biomass in the cage.

• Even distribution
The hoses have good dispersion, which ensures optimum dissolution of oxygen throughout the cage, vessel or tank.

• Constant delivery
Since the diffusors are driven by the oxygen pressure, the system delivers continuously as long as there is pressure on the tank. You can also easily change the quantity of oxygen by changing the flow or working pressure in the diffusor.

• Easy cleaning
The hose can stay in water unpressurized, and can be equipped with an end valve that ensures that water will displace quickly. Easy cleaning and disinfection.

• Efficient oxygen usage
The diffusor produces a “mist” of tiny oxygen bubbles that ensures that the oxygen dissolves quickly in the water and becomes available for the fish.

VitaDi areas of application:
• Permanent oxygenation at sea
• Optimum oxygen saturation in fishing bin/tanks
• Efficient control, logging and oxygen regulation during transportation
• Flexible under treatment, densification or other operations at sea

In whichever application you want to use VitaDi, it can easily be adapted and automatically controlled by AquaLog – and attached to an oxygen generator.

Permanent oxygenation at sea

VitaDi gives you a stable and optimum oxygen level for the fish.
Use oxygen diffusion applications:
• To compensate for daily variations, especially in autumn and at locations where current through-flow is poor
• When using a lice skirt because of reduced current flow
• When using closed or semi-closed solutions for post-smolt production
• To optimize the conditions and shorten the time of production
• When using a closed holding cage at the processing plant
• When crowding fish together – e.g during pumping to well boat, new methods for delousing, washing nets and other work on the cage

Oxygenation during closed cage treatments
For use during closed cage treatments, VitaDi™ Oxygen Diffusor is delivered on a drum with various hose lengths and capacities, suitable for various cage sizes and biomasses. The drum makes it efficient and safe to unreel hoses, ensuring they are properly distributed around the cage and add oxygen into the water where the fish are.

Oxygenation in fish-tanks
The system can be delivered in different sizes and shapes, with high capacity and efficiency. The diffusor can be adapted to different fish tank designs/sizes, and the capacity is tailor-made according to biomass and oxygen needs.

Oxygenation during transport of fish
Together with our automation solutions with sensors, VitaDi Oxygen Diffusor is an efficient system for control, monitoring, logging and regulation of oxygen in tanks on trucks, vessels and mobile tank solutions. A PC-based system controls logging and the addition of oxygen is controlled automatically and ensures high fish welfare during transport.

More details

  • Even diffusion of micro bubbles throughout the diffusor’s lenght
  • Easy cleasning and disinfection
  • Ideal for permanent oxygenation
  • Can lie in fresh and sea water without pressure
  • Reduces oxygen consumption
  • Flexible use due to its shape and design


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