Oxygen Generator with 65 KG/H Capacity

Installed in 10-foot container – specially developed for the aquaculture industry

The most compact oxygen generator on the market, in a 10-foot container. Developed especially for use in facilities with limited space — at the edge of the cage, on the feed float or on board a boat.

This container-based solution generates 65 kg of oxygen per hour, and can also be used to generate compressed air for upstream systems — with a capacity of 8.67 m3 per minute. The oxygen generator can be delivered as a stand-alone product or optimized with our VitaDi Oxygen Diffusor.

The container-based solution was developed by Imenco in collaboration with Oxymat, and the solution is manufactured by Oxymat.

Key features of the container-based solution.

  • Oxygen capacity 65 kg/h, purity 93% +/- 1%
  • Air capacity 8.67 m3/min FAD
  • 10-foot high cube insulated container (Length: 2840 mm Width: 2350 mm Height: 2990 mm)
  • Power consumption approx. 55 kWh
  • Electrical installation and distribution cabinet
  • Heating with heat exchanger, incl. A/C
  • Integrated alarms for oxygen purity, production pressure and leaks
  • Plug & Play — power in, oxygen out

Why invest in an oxygen generator?
Oxygen is essential in operations at sea. Generating your own oxygen is much more affordable than having to constantly buy oxygen. An oxygen generator will make you self-sufficient and ensures 24/7 access to oxygen.

Will the generator be compatible with my set-up?
Imenco Aqua and Oxymat can customize a generator solution for your needs and unique set-up. We provide comprehensive systems customized for your needs, whether this includes permanent use in hatcheries or use during special operations like delousing or ozone treatment — or whatever your needs are.

All solutions are delivered in the desired size, with the desired capacity — for permanent installation or container-based, for use on land or at sea.

Oxygen generators require very little maintenance.

More details

  • Cost-efficient — reduces cost of oxygen generation
  • Reliable — oxygen available 24/7, not dependent on transport and logistics
  • Simple installation and predictable maintenance


Trond Maroy Imenco Aqua

Trond Marøy

Sales Manager Fish welfare - Region South of Norway

Torbjørn Mikkelsen Imenco Aqua

Torbjørn Mikkelsen

Client Manager - Region Mid- and North Noway, Iceland


Anders M. Bastholm

Vice President – Imenco Aqua

Juan Carlos Imenco Aqua

Juan Carlos Reyes

Product Manager - Imenco Aqua Chile

David Ulloa Walker General Manager – Imenco Aqua Chile

David Ulloa Walker

General Manager – Imenco Aqua Chile

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