Gas-X Oxygen Diffusor

Ceramic oxygen diffusor

Gas-X is a ceramic diffusor for dissolving gasses into water. The ceramic elements are mounted in a solid aluminum caste that is anodized for seawater, and are special made for use in landbased fish farming. Gas-X has a low back pressure and are all tested at 5 bars in the quality control.

Gas-X has a hydrodynamic profile that causes the current to rip the microbubbles off the ceramic surface and give high diffusion rate. The profile will not cause disturbance of the water current in the tank and no waste will pile up at the bottom close to the diffuser.

Capacities and sizes

Application areas
Fish farming, well boats, in flotation filters and different applications in the industry.

More details

  • Low back pressure
  • Provides micro bubbles
  • Design prevents waste from piling up at the bottom
  • Robust
  • Special made for use in landbased fish farming


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