Upwelling System

Improved circulation and water quality throughout the fish cage

This is how the Upwelling System works
If you have satisfying oxygen conditions in the deep of the cage, but struggling with water exchange in the upper water layers, the Upwelling System is the solution to the problem. The system lifts fresh water from the bottom of the fish cage and provides a solid improvement of the water quality in the upper water layers.

The Upwelling System consists of 30 meters of diffuser hoses, mounted on a ring of 140 cm in diameter. The ring, which weighs less than 40 kg, is placed at optimal depth in the center of the fish cage and easily fastened with ropes. An air compressor placed on the feeding barge guarantees even pressure to all cages. The pressure lifts the water rapidly up the cage and provides good circulation in the water. The system is easily scaled to a number of cages, by placing one ring in cage. Because the cages have different distances to the feeding barge, the system is adjusted so that there is equal power in each of the cages.

Stable control of oxygen values
Oxygen sensors are placed a few meters from the net wall at approximately three meters depth. Oxygen conditions are constantly logged and can be viewed in Vard Aqua’s cloud solution, or in your own monitoring systems. With the help of a valve, the fish farmer can close off one or more rings as needed, either electronically or manually.

The system is energy efficient and requires only a power supply of 3 x 100 amps and 400 volts to power the air compressor on the feed barge.

Preventing sea lice and algae blooms
Circulation of algae and lice-free water from the depths can also have a positive impact on algae bloom and lice pressure in the cage. Feedback from fish farmers tell us that increased water replacement results in reduced sea lice infestation and improved gill health.

Increases water quality in cages with lice skirts
Particularly in cages with lice skirts, there will be limited water exchange in the upper parts of the cage, which leads to low oxygen values and poorer water quality. Data from fish farmers show that the water quality inside cages with lice skirts is as good as outside the skirt when using our Upwelling System.

Oxygen volcano that creates well-being
The air pressure from the system lifts in excess of 700 cubic meters of seawater every hour, creating a “volcano” where the fish thrives in the oxygen-rich water. They seek inside the air flow and move up and around the flow of bubbles like a shoal – while at the same time getting some good exercise.

Can also be used for oxygenation
If the oxygen conditions at the depths of the cage are not optimal enough, you can also use the system for oxygenation. You then use the same ring, but replace the hose with oxygen diffusers.

Technical information
• Capacity of up to 600 LPM at 8 bar, which generates upstream power
• Consists of 30 meters of Vard Aqua’s diffuser mounted on a sturdy ring
• The ring has a diameter of 140 cm and a depth of 9 cm
• Weight: 40 kg

More details

  • Improves water quality in the whole cage
  • Increases oxygen levels in the upper water layers
  • The supply of cold water from the depths lower the temperature in the upper water layers
  • Exercises the fish and creates better well-being
  • Prevents sea lice and algae blooms
  • Easy to install
  • Designed to remain horizontally stable under water
  • Robust


Trond Maroy Imenco Aqua

Trond Marøy

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Torbjørn Mikkelsen

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David Ulloa Walker

General Manager – Imenco Aqua Chile

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