MO21 - With Spherical Bearings

Imenco has developed and manufactured hydraulic cylinders for the oil and gas industry for a variety of applications in nearly 40 years.

Our standard cylinder program, MO21 – With Spherical Bearings, forms the basis for adaptation of our customized cylinders.

Final specifications and materials, as well as buckling calculations, sizing and choice of attachments are agreed upon for each project. Pressure and function tests are carried out for each cylinder before delivery, and documentation is prepared in accordance with the project specifications.

All our standard cylinders are designed for subsea use and 210 bar working pressure. Designed and calculated according to DNV 2.9.

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Kjell Kleiveland Senior Sales Engineer

Kjell Kleiveland

Senior Sales Engineer


Idar Vassbø

Sales Manager Hydraulics & Machining

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