Hydraulic pulling cylinder

Sometimes there is a need for large pulling forces

Sometimes there is a need for large pulling forces. When space limitations do not allow for the installation of a winch or a jigger winch, a hydraulic cylinder specially designed for pulling often will be the number one solution.

Our Hydraulic pulling cylinder are basically double acting cylinders but designed especially for working with heavier pulling forces than ordinary cylinders. Main differences are reduced diameter of rod and stronger end eyes. Special attention is also paid to the gland (internal guiding of rod) and piston head to cope with increased deflection of the rod in case of horizontally working cylinders and very large strokes.

Most of the options listed for double acting cylinders are also available for the pulling cylinders, like different material, suspensions, many kinds of seals arrangements, bearings etc. The design is based on rough use in corrosive environments.

Nominal pressure is 250 bar, however when higher working pressure is needed the choice of material and design are altered to fulfil the customers requirement.

The design of the cylinders meets the requirements of all major classification companies.

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Kurst Svaberg

Kurt Svanberg

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