Hydraulic cylinder for cranes

Imenco has more than 40 years experience in the design and production of hydraulic cylinders for cranes. Today we deliver hydraulic crane cylinders to the major crane producers in Scandinavia.

Common for our well proven design is that thorough attention continuously is given to all the special technical requirements such cylinders must comply with. Our extensive and advanced calculations make us able to accurately estimate the capacities of the hydraulic cylinders. Worth mentioning is the buckling calculations performed throughout the entire stroke and simultaneously compared with the actual varying load from the crane itself. As a result, safety is improved and design optimised.

Our crane cylinders have always been recognised for its quality and reliability. Extensive real life testing on many different technical matters, such as chromium plating, composite bearings, fatigue tests of end eyes and full scale buckling tests, has also played an important role in establishing our recognised position.

Our hydraulic cylinders are always of a rugged, well-proven and reliable design. We make no compromise on quality nor performance. The cylinders can be delivered in accordance with the Rules of all the major classification societies.

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Kurt Svanberg

Sales Manager Hydraulic Cylinders

Get in touch with us or email us at imenco.hydraulics@imenco.com

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