Double acting cylinder

Since the 1950’s Imenco has been producing double acting cylinders, starting with deliveries to many different ship-owners for the maneuvering of Hatch Covers. Still some of these cylinders, delivered throughout the world in the 1960s are in use. The design has since been further developed and is now available in many different variations and for use on several different applications.

The design is mainly based on rough use in corrosive environments, using well proven materials, bearings, surface treatments etc. Each bore, starting with the smallest Ø25mm can be delivered with different rod diameters, suspensions, seals, ports, for optimizing the cylinders.

Standard double acting cylinders are designed with welded end eyes, threaded gland, seals for high sealing effect and maintenance free bearings. Adjustable rod end eye is optional.

Nominal pressure is 250 bar, however if higher pressure is required the choice of material and design is altered to fulfill the customers requirement.

The design of the cylinders meets the requirements of all major classification companies.

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