Cylinders for special applications

Special application cylinder

With 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, Imenco has a unique background in tailor making special cylinders to individual customer requirements. Our lengthy experience and high degree of flexibility in finding new technical solutions expressed by our skilled staff, is one of our company’s most important advantages.

Advanced technical calculations, founded on extensive real life testing, make us able to optimize design and improve safety. In addition to those parameters that have to be optimized by special calculations, experience and mentioned real life tests have made us able to establish important minimum standard requirements that should not be compromised with.

In addition to our practiced staff and long experience, our unique machining equipment is important for our ability to produce special application hydraulic cylinders. Our production facility comprises among others, unique machines for boring and honing of large bore long tubes, and lathes up to 11 m length.

Throughout years we have designed and delivered hydraulic cylinders for many different special applications such as:

Hydraulic operation of bow and turret loading systems, hydraulic maneuvering of swing up thrusters, hydraulic operation of gang ways between platforms, production of telescopic cylinders for heave compensation during oil well maintenance, large telescopic cylinders for BOP lifts, active heave compensation cylinders for 1000 tm knuckle-jib cranes, cylinders for submerged equipment etc.

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Kurt Svanberg

Sales Manager Hydraulic Cylinders

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