Valve Retrieval Tool

The Valve Retrieval Tool is an emergency recovery tool that can operate subsea valves with broken handles.

The tool clamps around free rods or stems and allows the ROV to rotate the tool. This will make it possible for the ROV to operate valves with damaged handles.

More details

•    Easy operation with ROV manipulator.

•    Small size.

•    Used successfully in subsea recovery operations.
•    Hydraulic operation of clamping.

•    ROV operated.

•    Std fishtail interface.

•    Materials: S165M, titanium.

•    Designed for Ø14 axel dim, inserts to be changed to fit other dimensions.



Kjell Kleiveland-002

Kjell Kleiveland

Senior Sales Engineer

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Idar Vassbø

Sales Manager Hydraulics & Machining

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