Tether Management System

The Tether Management System is easy to maintain

The Tether Management System – TMS makes the ROV more manoeuvrable and increases its range without moving the vessel or rig.

The purpose of the TMS is to lengthen and shorten the tether in order to minimize the effect of cable drag during underwater currents.

The TMS is engaged to the ROV to make handling through the splash zone less hazardous during launch and recovery.

Our Tether Management System – TMS has been developed over a long time period in cooperation with our customers and emerges as one of the most reliable and «easiest» Tether Management Systems on the market.

The TMS design ensures a satisfactory winding which is friendly to the tether and helps extend its lifespan. The Tether Management System is easy to maintain.

More details

  • Robust field proven design
  • Minimum bending of cable which extends the lifetime of tether
  • Easy maintenance
  • Drum releasing clutch which prevent over-pull of tether
  • Stabilizer base to stabilize ROV during launch and recovery
  • Fail-safe latching system
  • Flanged lifting point that can be fit to customer requirements
  • Top side remote control of pull force and speed
  • Tether capacity: Ø35 tether – 400 m
  • Tether diameter range: 22 to 42 mm
  • Overall height: 2350 mm
  • Overall diameter:  Ø 2275 mm
  • Electrical turn counter
  • HPU: 15 kW, 3000 V
  • Reservoir: 10 L
  • Tether pull capacity: Regulated to 150 kg
  • Designed for slip ring: Focal Model 176 (adaptable for other types if required)
  • Design load ROV: 10 tons with safety factor 2
  • Hydraulically operated ROV stabilizing unit
  • Latch system: Dual lock with fail-safe function


Kjell Kleiveland Senior Sales Engineer

Kjell Kleiveland

Senior Sales Engineer


Idar Vassbø

Sales Manager Hydraulics & Machining

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