ROV Switch


The ROV Switch is a panel mounted ROV handle that is used as an actuator on standard valves. The ROV Switch is used for a variety of applications and valves depending upon our clients’ needs.

The ROV Switch is designed for panel mounting and can be delivered with several sizes and types of valves by use of an adapter. The ROV Switch is designed for use with standard ball valve or can be delivered with several multi way combinations / directional valves. The ROV Switch is a common component that Malm Orstad has used on several ROV panels with different configurations of valves.

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•    Easily adapted to customer`s requirements by use of standard components.

•    Field proven components / solution.

•    Malm Orstad`s ROV Switch avoid that torque is transferred to the valve stem.
•    Can be fitted for 4/3 valves, dual ball valves or single ball valves.

•    Material: Aluminum, stainless steel, PEHD (others if required).

•    90° operations with 3 or 2 steps for easy ROV and diver operations.

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