ROV Inspections

We complete ROV inspections from our service boat or are service car with our inspection ROV.

We complete ROV inspections from various vessels equipped with different sizes of ROVs based on the assignment.

The inspection ROVs are installed on our boats and we can offer ROV operations at wanted location. In addition, we have our own vessel with a high cruising speed that can complete inspections in a larger geographical area. These vessels complete net inspection, check of dead fish and are available as standby vessels for other operations. We send out supplementary reports with pictures and video from the various operations we fulfil.

We have also the opportunity to complete short inspections from our service car, which is equipped with a small inspection ROV with grappling claw for if you must check bottom conditions in shallower places, must check the underside of a boat or have lost something at sea etc. we will be on hand immediately and help you.

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Anders M. Bastholm

Vice President – Imenco Aqua


Louis Cruickshank

Sales Manager UK

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