Service agreement

Imenco Aqua offers a service agreement with an annual calibration and certification, that give you increased predictability and reliability of the logging equipment

More details

  • Technical review
  • Service/repairs
  • Calibration of sensors
  • Documentation and calibration values
  • Training of user


Final Runar

Runar Aasgård – Customer Service & Logistic Aqua

Feeders and Oxygen diffusors

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Rune Stangvik – Senior Sales Advisor

Products, aftermarket & service

Anders Wistrøm

Anders Wistrøm

Service & Production Mananger Aqua: Camera

Jorge E. Flores N. Gerente comercial y Operaciones Imenco Aqua Chile Puerto Montt | Chile + 56 9 38715764

Jorge E. Flores N.

Sales and Operation Manager– Imenco Aqua Chile

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