Aquaculture Service Contacts

Aquaculture Service Contacts

Worldwide service – Local presence and quick response provide peace of mind

As a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of smart solutions to the aquaculture industry, it is important to be able to offer a total package that also means offering a reliable and dependable service to our customers.

We know the local conditions and have service technicians with practical experience from operational operations both at sea and on land with in-depth knowledge of our products.
Our service technicians take care of installation / maintenance / service of new and existing facilities. We also store all service history in our service program.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Anders Wistrøm or Rune Stangvik  for technical or service questions, or to get a quotation.

For camera support call: +47 920 99 000 or send an email to:


Send an email to or find personal contact info below.


Anders Wistrøm

Anders Wistrøm

Service & Production Mananger Aqua: Camera

Final Runar

Runar Aasgård

Customer Service & Logistic Aqua. Feeders and Oxygen diffusors


Anders M. Bastholm

Vice President – Imenco Aqua

Rune Stangvik.jpg 2

Rune Stangvik

Senior Sales Advisor Aqua. Products, aftermarket & service


Thomas Opsal

Customer Success Specialist

Juan Carlos Imenco Aqua

Juan Carlos Reyes

Product Manager - Imenco Aqua Chile

David Ulloa Walker General Manager – Imenco Aqua Chile

David Ulloa Walker

General Manager – Imenco Aqua Chile


Louis Cruickshank

Sales Manager UK

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