Piranha® Anode Clamp

The Piranha Anode clamp is intended to clamp on to plates, beams, bolts or rods. Plate thicknesses range from 5 mm to 90 mm.

The Piranha® Anode Clamp from Imenco was developed to be mounted to plates or beam edges. We have three different basic clamp sizes are available. Equipped with different jaws these covers ranges from 5 to 90 mm.

Piranha® S is ranging from 5 to 35 mm. The Piranha® M from 35 to 60 mm and Piranha® L from 60 to 90 mm.

Other connection details, like rods or bolts can be connected through special sets of jaws. The clamps will thereby fit to rods or bolt – axially or radially.

The main benefits of choosing an Imenco Retrofit Anode Clamp are the ease of installation and flexible use. The ROV will guide the clamp into place and the installation tool will tension the clamp to ensure a good connection.

Most subsea structures and components have some sort of plate as part of its design. This makes the Piranha® Clamp our versatile Imenco Retrofit Anode Clamp.

The clamp can hold anodes directly at a dedicated anode bracket or through a cable to a separate anode sled or anode cage.

Imenco has produced ROV installable Retrofit Anode Systems since 1999, which have proved to be very effective and installation friendly. The smart solution caters for compact design, enabling great flexibility in anode attachments.

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  • Rapid installation by ROV
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Very Strong Mechanical Grip
  • Extensive track record with more than 2000 clamps installed worldwide



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Kristian Varne

Project Manager Imenco Corrosion Technology

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