Payara® Pipeline clamp

The Payara® is intended for mounting to pipelines ranging from 6″

The Payara® Pipeline clamp provides a low-resistance electrical connection between a subsea pipeline/tubular and sacrificial anodes. The Payara® literally bites into the steel through coated surfaces. With flexibility in mind, the Payara® supports earthing cables from 16-240 mm2. When needed, the cables can be fitted with a bend stiffener to protect the termination on the Payara®.

The Payara® is designed to bite onto a pipeline, it will grip just above 180 degrees to ensure good electrical contact and to avoid unnecessary excavations of the seabed.


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  • Rapid installation by ROV
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Very Strong Mechanical Grip



Ajmal Moruwat

Vice President – Sales & Market

Kristian Varne Project Manager

Kristian Varne

Project Manager Imenco Corrosion Technology

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