Anaconda Clamp for tubular structures

The Anaconda Anode Clamp is intended to clamp on to tubular structures.

Typically used for Jackets or Subsea Structures.


The Anaconda Clamp for tubular structures is intended for mounting to existing tubular structures, like jacket foundations.

The main benefits of choosing an Imenco Retrofit Earthing Connector are the strong mechanical hold, excellent electrical connection, and ease of installation.

The clamp is guided into place by an ROV and tensioned with a torque tool to ensure a reliable and fast installation.

Anodes may be attached directly to the clamp, or by an earthing cable to an anode sled. Sizes can be made in ranges from 12″.

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Ajmal Moruwat

Vice President – Sales & Market

Kristian Varne Project Manager

Kristian Varne

Project Manager Imenco Corrosion Technology

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