Basic Helicopter Refuelling Systems

Our Basic Helicopter Refuelling System covers the majority of our clients requirements for Offshore Refuelling

Our Basic Helicopter Refuelling Systems covers the majority of our clients requirements for Offshore Refuelling. Mostly used on mobile installations and installations with low fuelling frequency.  A typical system consists of two transportable tanks, laydown skid with pump unit and standalone dispenser unit. System is based on manual sampling and basic control system for main functions.

With emphasis on top grade material and workmanship our Basic Helicopter Refuelling Systems are delivered according to client’s specification and international standards. Virtually maintenance free under all weather conditions, these reliable all round units can be equipped with Fuel Sampling and Recycling Cabinet that meets the recognized standards of environmental protection and operational safety. All cabinets are equipped with roller shutter doors for efficient and safe operation.

Our Basic Helicopter Refuelling systems are based upon CAP 437, as requirements necessary for the fuelling of helicopters on offshore installations and vessels. The information in CAP 437 has been compiled by UKOOA in consultation with the offshore industry. Civil Aviation Publication CAP 74 – Aircraft Fuelling; Fire Preventions and Safety Measures CAP 434 Aviation Fuel at Aerodromes CAP 748 Aviation Fuelling and Fuel Installation Management. For the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, NOG have an additional regulation called “Helideck Manual”.

We have design verifications from ABS, BV, RMRS and Lloyd. Pressure vessels designed by ASME VIII or BD 5500 in general, other codes upon request. Transportable tanks provided with certificates for the tank, and the DNV type approved transport frame with test report and separate certificates. Filter system approved according to EI 1581 and EI 1583.

Our Basic Helicopter Refuelling Systems are built in Norway.

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  • SS316L Baseframe & Driptray
  • SS316L Piping, Vessel & Valves
  • Enclosure in offshore Alu


  • Flow 225 l/min
  • Pressure 8.3 Barg
  • Design lifetime 25 years


  • 20m – 50m Hose length
  • Sample glass
  • Storage space for samples & sampling equipment
  • Starter panel for El. Motors or pneumatic motors
  • Connection for recycle unit
  • Underwing nozzle with adapter


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