Aviation Fuel Recycle Systems

Aviation fuel reclamation system, Jet A-1

Our basic aviation fuel recycle systems design is based on a stainless-steel drip tray/base frame and enclosed with an aluminum shelter of high offshore quality, equipped with sliding door. This gives the unit a minimal need for maintenance and the operations will be performed in a dry, sheltered and illuminated area.

A separate cabinet with fuel test and recycling equipment is offered for optimal environmental control and safe operation. The cabinet is connected to the fuel storage tank and dispenser unit by tubing. The Aviation Fuel Recycle Systems can be sampled in a closed system, avoiding spill and unsafe operation. After a sample has been taken and controlled, the sample fuel will be stored in a tank in the cabinet. The jet fuel will be filtered and cleaned before it is transferred to a jet fuel storage tank.

Aviation fuel reclamation system, Jet A-1

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Andreas Knutsen

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