Advanced Helicopter Refuelling Systems

For larger fixed installations our Advanced Helicopter Refuelling Systems is the best choice

For larger fixed installations our Advanced Helicopter Refuelling Systems is the best choice.

For increased aviation and operating safety and ease of use we have developed the most advanced helicopter refuelling systems to date. Our knowledge about safe aviation fuel filtration, long life materials, sensor technology and advanced automation has led to semi automated and fully automated, self sampling refuelling systems that log all fuelling and sampling activity.

These systems are based on the same build quality and workmanship as our basic systems, but in addition these systems have sensors and transmitters that makes it possible to log all data related to the operation of the refuelling systems via touch screens in system or remotely on any computer.



  • Very low fuel exposure for operator
  • No fuel spill or waste of fuel
  • Few operator manhours needed compared to standard fuel systems
  • Automatic sampling – more accurate test results
  • Automatic logging of all relevant data
  • Online system status via LAN or WLAN


Materials will be selected based on design life time and project specification (best practice and experience).

  • SS316L Baseframe & Driptray
  • SS316L/Duplex/Superduplex Piping, Vessel & Valves
  • Enclosure in offshore Aluminium


More details

The system design is based on a compact skid where as many of the units as possible are mounted on the same skid. Automatic samples are drawn from all sampling points at preset intervals and samples are then stored until visually approved by the operator. The samples are then returned via a recycle tank back to the storage tank. There is virtually no waste of fuel with this kind of system and the exposure to fuel for the operator is limited to a minimum.

The Advanced Helicopter Refuelling Systems have LAN connection, and all relevant data is accessible from any location, on all computers and mobile devices.

Our Helicopter Refuelling systems are based upon CAP 437, as requirements necessary for the fuelling of helicopters on offshore installations and vessels. The information in CAP 437 has been compiled by UKOOA in consultation with the offshore industry. Civil Aviation Publication CAP 74 – Aircraft Fuelling; Fire Preventions and Safety Measures CAP 434 Aviation Fuel at Aerodromes CAP 748 Aviation Fuelling and Fuel Installation Management. For the Norwegian sector of the Norts Sea, NOG have an additional regulation called “Helideck Manual”.

We have design verifications from ABS, BV, RMRS and Lloyd. Pressure vessels designed by ASME VIII or BD 5500 in general, other codes upon request. Transportable tanks provided with certificates for the tank, and the DNV type approved transportframe with test report and separate certificates. Filter system approved according to EI 1581 and EI 1583.



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