Automatic Interlock Bonding Safety System

Chapter 7 Point 3.6.1 b in CAP437 7th Edition states that the pumping system in offshore fuelling systems should be equipped with an Automatic Interlock Bonding Safety System.

Automatic Interlock Bonding Safety System has been a part of our standard design for more than 20 years. Now we are offering the bonding system as an add-on pack to existing fuel systems.


  • EX Cabinet for hook up to existing installation
  • Grounding cable with breakaway device
  • Spring rewind grounding reel with locking function


  • Total compliance with CAP437
  • Grounding system is EX II 3G certified
  • Can be installed in ANY system with a starter panel.


  • From 20m to 50m cable length
  • 24V – 230V
  • Steady “bonding connected” beacon connected directly in grounding system
  • Many different hook up options available
  • GRP or Stainless Steel enclosure


  • Quick plug and play installation
  • Self-supporting bracket on grounding reel gives many positioning options
  • Roller guide on bracket or as loose item depending on dispenser design
  • Grounding system can be installed inside the dispenser unit or in a small cabinet on the outside of the dispenser unit

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