fuelSCAN Monitor Replacement

ONLY Globally Approved Solution

  • EASY retrofit to ANY helicopter refuelling system old or new!
  • 50+ Retrofit monitor replacement systems installed globally, 10+ year track record with AFGUARD Sensor
  • Continuous water level and filter condition monitoring
  • On Stock field proven solution ready to go on stock in Norway, UK, US

Imenco has developed a continuous aviation fuel water monitor replacement system together with the leading aviation fuel filtration and sensor manufacturer Faudi Aviation GmbH. The system is a product in our new fuelSCAN series. We are experiencing high demand for these systems as it is the only globally approved solution that is long time tested and ready to use for offshore installations.

Our monitor replacement system can be installed as a retrofit solution for offshore fuel systems as well as in new builds.
The system allows you to monitor the presence of water continuously through the whole offshore fuelling operation and gives your operators full control and less exposure to aviation fuel.
The system is built around the Faudi Aviation AFGUARD sensor that is long time field proven to be a very precise and reliable solution to monitor the presence of water in jetfuel through the whole fuelling process. The water monitoring system is now a vital add on to keep your system operative through ongoing regulatory changes.

We have service technicians ready for installation of the system worldwide.

Time until monitor elements can no longer be used in Norway

Time until monitor elements can no longer be used Globally


Keywords: Monitor filter elements, JIG Bulletin 130, 1598/15199, AFGUARD, Dirt Defense, Water sensor, Water detection, JET A-1, Fuelling helicopter, SAP material, replacement of monitor elements, Withdrawal of EI 1583, SAP monitor replacement


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General Information

Our retrofit package has been made in close cooperation with the aviation fueling industry and is made with JIG Bulletin 110 in mind – with necessary amendments to suit the offshore fuelling environment.

With the installation of this innovative technology, you will reduce the chance of human errors, and you will be able to keep on fueling helicopters even when monitor filter elements are discontinued.

Faudi AFGuard

Sensor developed by Faudi Aviation and offshore version made in collaboration with us. You can read more about the sensor HERE



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