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Software for the aquaculture industry

Imenco is ready to present a new software for the aquaculture industry. This new software integrates various products like Gemini, Pixelite, Morus, Taurus Winch and Smart Winch. Imenco Insight provides a unique experience for controlling the entire system, a user-friendly interface and intuitive controller. User can select software language, create different views and integrate ONVIF cameras.

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  • Supports 4K video streaming
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Streaming with short delay *
  • Easy to use pan/tilt, zoom / focus / light / winch controls and change video settings
  • Sensors and compass overlay
  • Video and photo recording / archive
  • Stream 25 video streams simultaneously
  • Integrated system
  • Integrated ONVIF cameras

* 350 ms @ wired ethernet, glass to glass latency



Anders Bastholm

Anders M. Bastholm

VP – Aqua & Fish Farming

Hans Gunnar Hansen Imenco

Hans Gunnar Hansen

Salesmanager – Aqua & Fish Farming


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Louis Cruickshank

Sales Manager UK

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